Shree Yanthra Equipments provides products, services and solutions that enhance the efficiency of machines resulting in best results, less power consumption, less spares consumption, which helps in the best productivity. We are engaged in the manufacture and export of the following:-
  1. Compressor Cylinders
  2. Compressor Rider Rings
  3. Compressor Crank Shafts
  4. Compressor Stop Plates
  5. Compressor Rod Pistons
  6. Compressor Connecting Rods
  7. Compressor Inlet Valves
  8. Compressor Frame Heads
  9. Compressor Pistons,Piston Rings
  10. Compressor Packing Cases
  11. Compressor Delivery Valves
  12. Compressor Outer Heads
  13. Compressor Gaskets
  14. Compressor Channel & Spring Sets
  15. Compressor Bearings
  16. Compressor Oil Wiper Rings
  17. Compressor Valve Plates / Plate Seats
We also provides the following services
  • Repairing and Servicing of all types & sizes of Ingersoll Rand Make Air Compressors
  • Repairing and Servicing of all types & sizes of Driers & Air Filters
  • Repairing and Servicing of all types of Automatic Drain Valves & Heat Exchangers
  • We also take servicing of All Types & Our Products on Annual Basis
  • Providing Regular check-ups for all Air Compressors for our valued customers.
  • Providing Quarterly Maintenance Schedules for all Air Compressors & Driers.
Shree Yanthra Equipments - Manufacturer and Suppliers of Industrial Air Compressor and Air Receivers